Get More Leads With Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid search campaigns, like PPC advertising, aren’t somewhat you can setup once and never revisit. To make available an eye-catching ROI from your marketing budget and safeguard your PPC advertising campaign executes as best as probable, you need a committed PPC management service from specialized professionals.

Zatak Softech is a PPC management company with proficient Google AdWords experts and Bing Ads PPC specialists, and as such, we have the tools, training, and knowledge it takes to make the most of the return of your paid search campaigns. We are a Google Premier Partner, a discrepancy earmarked for the top 3% of all Google partners, as well as a Bing Partner.

Why Do You Need PPC Advertising Services?

If your website does not come up conspicuously on the first page, you’re trailing business to your opposition. There are two methods to upsurge your first page perceptibility—search engine optimization services or PPC advertising and management.

SEO is cherished because more individuals have a habit to click organic listings over paid ads (it is probable that 60% of searchers only click organic listings over paid listings while 40% don’t know the difference—if the listing looks battered to what they examined, paid or organic, they’ll click it). The two principal drawbacks of SEO are that you are not in complete control (Google, Yahoo and Bing eventually choose who ranks where and how they do this is not precisely clear—regardless of what some SEO companies might tell you) and it takes time.

If you set up a pay per click account on Google AdWords, you’ll see your ads in a staple of hours. If you augment your website to rank well naturally, the work you do today may not be obvious in the search results for weeks—even months and years!

Why hire us for your PPC Campaigns?

  • Result Driven Approach – Calculated among the best Pay Per Click companies, our methodology to your assignment is 100% result driven. We like to talk in statistics and leave no opportunity for vagueness. Our squad spends worth time in exploring the most powerful keywords and shrewdly attempting on them. This has assisted us diminish wasteful expenses and offer more returns for every buck of your ad spend.
  • Tailored Strategy –Our promotions are personalized taking in account the minimum of factors distressing your business. Every feature of the movement imitates your principal ethics and objectives. This progresses your odds on the reasonable search engines.
  • Certified Professionals – We have a squad of PPC professionals who have efficaciously accomplished certification programs from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. Our PPC marketers keep themselves modernized with the newest developments in PPC marketing and apply this acquaintance and standard practices to your campaign to receive handsome recompenses.
  • Captivating Ad Copies – Our squad of knowledgeable copywriters and designers craft the most attractive ad copies that instantaneously attacks chord with the users. Our copywriters stay focused on your keywords and landing pages to craft ad copies with sturdy call to action.

What we offer?

  • Pay per click consultations
  • Keyword discovery
  • Bid management
  • Ad copy creation (including PPC for mobile)
  • Ad split testing
  • Pay per click call tracking
  • Landing page optimization
  • Ecommerce PPC advertising
  • Display ads
  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns
  • LinkedIn advertising campaigns
  • Paid social media marketing campaigns
  • Monthly PPC reports
  • Dedicated PPC manager
  • Dedicated account manager